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Our Staff

Out unique products and STEAM educational plans are in use in thousands of schools.

We have been generating STEAM educational technologies for over 30 years.

Our R&D team consists of highly experienced professionals in science and science education. They not only write the plans and develop the experiments, but importantly they also guide the teachers and the tutors on how to teach.

our products

Ready to use, Everything you need is in a box !

 • Create an exciting phenomenon within minutes, leading to an inquiry-based discussion

 • Teacher’s manual with scripted guidelines and background   information, Including Questions and Answers for the teacher  and video manuals

• Easy to use and safe

• Kits are modular and fit all science curriculum

• Kits can be used anywhere.

• Kits are Cost Effective

• Kits are personalized by the kids and create …

In order to make the study long lasting and successful we select relevant scientific topics from our surrounding but also we would let the kids personalize their products .


The kids would take the products with them home and by doing that, not only they will get to keep their implementation, they will be asked about what they have and now they will need to explain what its all about and by doing so they will master the subject in an joyful and inspiring way

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