The Jet Car

This jet car is propelled using an air jet. It won't pollute the air but it is guaranteed to lead to hours of fun.

Give it a go!

The rina stick

Build It, Color It, Play With it

The safe

Discover the inner workings of a combination lock used in safes.

Can you crack the safe? 

Give it a try!

The Boomerang

Push it away and it will always come back! How?  

A simple scientific principle turns this into a fun game.

Give it a go!

Combo Set - Forces & Energy

Discover the incredible jet force & the secrets of flight!

Learn about energy Conversions!

Combo Set - Codes & Riddles

Discover how to crack the safe!

Learn about Codes & Mathematical induction!

Combo Set - Color & Light

Discover a dazzling world of shapes and colors!

Learn about Optics & Visual perception

Combo Set - Staying Balanced

Discover the secrets of walking the tightrope!

Learn about Center of Gravity & Measuring Weight!

Walking The tightRope

Build a toy acrobat,

penguin and parrot and reveal the secrets of staying balanced

The Periscope

Build a periscope and explore how it works!

The Sundial

Build a sundial and discover the time of day!

Discover how the ancient Egyptians used shadow to keep time!

The Chaotic Pendulum

Build a pendulum and explore hoe it works!

Build a chaotic system that never ceases to surprise you!

The Mathematical Balance

Build a Mathematical balance and explore mathematical and algebraic 

concepts in a tangible and fun way!

The Catapult

Build a catapult and explore how it works!

The Catapult is a small device with a lot of power.

Build it and see for yourself how ancient armies used to conquer their enemies!

The Combination Lock

Build a combination lock mechanism and explore how it works!

Discover how to crack the code of an ancient puzzle! 

The kaleidoscope

Close one eye and surrender to the spectacular and colorful world of the kaleidoscope!

The Marry Go Round

Build a carousel and explore how it works!

Let your curiosity take you for a ride!

The Solar System

The Solar System


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